Quick Hits
Odds of catching Fair
Odds of a keeper Poor
Bait Squid, cut
Pier Location Shore, pilings
Size Limit 15"

With the size limit increasing just about every year, getting a keeper flounder is getting rarer and rarer. Presently, a flounder has to be 15" and you can only keep 8/day(be happy if you get 1/day). Our flounder expert is Professor Sam, a summertime resident from Maryland, who can tell you on the spot the total number of flounder he caught, the number of keepers(including percentages) and give you comparisons from previous years. If you want to know how to catch a flounder, Sam is your man. He prefers cut-bait to squid, cut into pie shape, slowly dragging it on the bottom near the pilings. If you do hook-up with a big one, get the net--you don't want to lose it hand-lining it up.