Quick Hits
Odds of catching Good
Odds of a keeper Good
Bait Lures, cut
Pier Location Middle to end 
Size Limit None/10 day

Probably our most common fish caught throughout the year.  Usually caught on gotcha plugs or similar artificial lures or cut-bait.  The smaller ones are called taylor blues, and generally run between 2 and 3 pounds. The big blues(10 lbs+) used to run by us twice a year, early April going north and the late November going back south.  However in recent years, the run has been non-existent in the spring , and then in December we might get a couple of blitzes.  As far as the taste, many consider it too "gamey" for their liking, preferring the small ones fried and the bigger ones broiled or smoked. But as far as a gamefish, excellent rating on putting up a fight, either big or small.