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Do you guarantee that I will catch fish?
Kind of. We just won't let you leave until you do!

What kind of fish do you catch?
Whatever is out there. Mainly blues, croakers, flounder, trout, mullet, pompano, spanish, spot, and stripers to name a few. Also the bigger fish on live bait--cobia and kings. Keep up to date with our fishing reports, so when you come down, you will be well informed.

Do you rent tackle?
Yes. As a matter of fact we do. For $7.00/day with a $40.00 deposit, you can rent a rod/reel combo for use on the pier. That comes with a bottom rig, so all you have to do is buy the bait.

Can I go crabbing?
No. Actually, you wouldn't want to. The good crabs are on the other side--in the sound waters. There is a popular place going towards Colington Harbour at the second bridge which provides an excellent location for crabbing. The crabs we get out here are those ugly spider looking things that you saw in your nightmares as a kid.

How many rods can I bring?
Three. No more. Howard will get upset if you do.

Is king fishing extra?
Yes. $18.00/day, so it is only $6.00 extra.

What is king fishing?
It is just an excuse for anglers to sit around all day drinking beer and soaking up the sun while pretending to actually fish. It is no different than the tourist you see laying on a towel under an umbrella on the beach. They are both laying around and doing nothing--only one smells better.

Do you allow shark fishing?
No. Our website has a shark for a mascot, so we protect them.
Someone said we should change logos, but a blowtoad did not
look that hot. Actually, we have many reasons, the biggest is the
mess that is made with chum, blood, and tuna heads all over the
end of the pier. If you must shark fish, there are other piers that
allow it. You will not hurt our feelings by going there with your
bucket of tuna heads.

When is the best time to catch fish?
When they are biting. We have found that early morning and late
afternoon(an hour before sunset) are the best times. That is on a
consistent basis. The middle of the afternoon, especially on a hot
and humid summer day, usually is the slowest time, but you never
know. Some believe the changing of the tides bring in fish, which
is true, but come early for the best chance.

Who is the world's greatest fisherman?

What is the best time of year to catch fish off the pier?
Without a doubt, the Fall. Pretty much every fish on our menu you can catch between mid-September to mid-October. The water is still warm for spanish, cobia, kings, and the like, and the rest of the fish are headed back down south as the water temp starts to cool.
However, the Hurricane season is also at its peak, so you take the good with the bad...

Do I need a saltwater fishing license for the surf or pier?
For the surf, yes. The pier, no. We purchased a blanket license so you have one less thing to worry about. You're welcome.

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