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How come I don't see a "live" picture sometimes?
There are a ton of things that could go wrong with the camera operation. The camera itself, the computer, the telephone line, the power, the server, the camera server, the ISP, etc., all have to be in sync for it to work. We do our best, so be patient and we should fix it after a while.

In the morning I see a picture from the night before. What gives?
The camera went down when no one was here to fix it. When the first guy who gets here in the morning all will be well.

Can I listen to sounds of waves with my picture?
Yes. Go here: PierCam
with Sound

I hear the gentle sounds of waves, but there is a Category 3 hurricane out there. What's up with that?
The sound you hear is not live. It is a soothing sound with hidden subliminal messages telling you how great Avalon Pier is.

My camera won't stream. Is there something wrong with me?
Probably. Your browser may not have java capabilities, or you have disabled it.

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